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Saturday, April 17, 2010

If your not in Tune you just cant Pick it up

This is a Great way to see the Physical Effects of ones Frequency, Its also the best way for people to Visualize ones Karma and why Immoral people can no longer pick up the Transcendental, the Meta-Weight of ones Karma effectively changes what one is Tuned in to "or tuned out of"
Explaining to those Stuck in the Physical mindset why Integrity Truth Morality Purity are the paths that lead to ones natural ability to be aware of the Subtlest Dimensions of Akashic Emanations, the path is always to Align all aspects of ones self with the Aspects Essences, Attributes and Values associated with the Transcendental Absolute Omni-Oneness and the Natural Universal Absolutes that are the Foundation, so one is able to Resonate Pure Moral Good Absolute Truth Knowingly it should resonate within, until it dose one should focus on alligning themselves with Pure Moral Truth by taking Responsibility for ones Karma, and Seeking Learning in the True Knowing that one has when they can pickup the Akashic Emanations of the Absolute Structure of Nature and the All Knowing Omni-Oneness that is the All encompassing Morphic Field that is the Transcendental Oneness at the end of time pulling us all together to be in Resonance with Pure Moral Absolute Truth Knowledge in perfected Tranquil Equality

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