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Thursday, April 15, 2010

New World Order by Samuel Zane Batten 1919

One world Army, One world Bank, League of Nations-United Nations, National-socialist-Federation of Nations, Psychology Trickery and Manipulation to have a NEW WORLD ORDER ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT justified and Planned 1919

Its an In depth Eye opening Ride of Insight that this book Inspired Hitler, Bush, Rocker fellers, Rothschild, Military Industrial Complex, Even the Digital Banking Monetary control was a stepping stone in having the people accept socialism so there nations owned everything, power water telecommunications etc, then get the average jo worker to work for society rather than money, then hot sell everything "privatization" and claim what inst owned as national heritage land, then give all the national parks to the federation of nations to manage along with all the assets privatized, so the people are SLAVES to society, managed by ELITE who manipulate via sociology to entice a herd mentality of consensus "Note : Demo from Demo-cracy means MOB RULE, so the Scientific Dictatorship Sheppard's "Elite" Heard the Mob like the old religious Sheppard's

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